Track, protect and optimize your fleet vehicles

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Simple, flexible and easy to set up solution

Manage your fleet of vehicles (cars, scooters, trucks) very simply thanks to the Invoxia geolocation system. Place the trackers in your vehicles, without connecting them to the battery, and enjoy a battery life of up to 6 months.


Monitor your vehicles routes
Track their location

Monitor the use of your rental vehicles
View the route history

Organize your teams and assign the right driver at the right time and reduce your costs

Protect your vehicles from theft and get notified if they leave the defined areas

Optimize the efficiency of your fleet, ensure the punctuality of your deliverers and monitor the delays. Improve your customers' satisfaction by keeping them informed of the delivery time or a potential delay

They trust us


Simple and maintenance-free

Invoxia Trackers have up to 6 months battery life before charging and you will be notified when the battery is low. You can also monitor the trackers position via the hub or the mobile app.


We were looking for a practical, affordable and innovative solution, with Invoxia GPS Trackers, we found exactly what we were looking for!

SM Bois is a wood trading company. Efficiently delivering orders is a vital part of their business. To track their fleet of trucks and inform their customers of the status of their delivery, they wanted to find an autonomous and innovative system of geolocation, doubled by an efficient customer support. They were satisfied by the practicality and flexibility of the Invoxia tracking solution. Now they can track their fleet vehicles movements but also receive alerts each time an order is delivered, using zone alerts.

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The Invoxia pro service subscription is non-binding. You can suspend your subscription at any time from your account, and reactivate it according to your needs. Be careful, if you suspend your subscription you will not be able to use your tracers anymore.

No installation is needed, just place the the tracker into the vehicle you want to track.

When choosing the subscription, you can choose different areas: France, Switzerland or Europe. You can check the coverage of the LoRa network in France here, in Switzerland herehere, and the Sigfox network here. here

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